Bella Flavours

Exclusive Offer on House of Flavour very generously curated by the Bella Flavours team so we can try each and every flavour they have on the board.

Let's celebrate this offer by showing some love to our favourite brand, truly made in India!

Just add any two flavours to the cart and one of them will be automatically discounted to zero. So order an even number of Bella Flavours quantity so you are sure to get an equal quantity of freebies.


Made using the finest cocoa, this ingredient is true to the label and one that will make a difference to that dream cake you bake!

Green House Emulcos have become the secret to many bakers' recipe and result.

Winning awards year after year, it was about time Green House Ingredients from Malaysia came to India and make the difference in the Bakery, Restaurant and Cafe sectors. As they call it themselves - solution for BARESCA is to use Green House Emulco that retains the moisture, enhance the appearance, aroma and mouthfeel.