Cake Decoration Tips Set - 54 Pcs Professional Stainless Steel Piping/Dispenser Nozzle Kit, for Cakes Cupcakes Cookies Pastry

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If you are new to cake decorating or if you are looking to introduce children to the joys of baking, these nozzles are the place to start. Their size allows for more forgiving decorations, which encourages rather than frustrate, inspiring exploration and creative thought.

Packgage Includes:
44×Piping Nozzles
20×Disposable Piping Bags
5×Mouth Adapters
4×Icing Bag Ties
3×Cake Side Scrapers
2×Silk Flower Pen
1×Cleaning Brush
1×Reusable Silicone Piping Bags
1×Flower Nails
1×Piping tips chart
1×Flower Lifter Scissors
1×Convenient Storage Box

Usage Instructions
1. Clean your nozzle, wash in hot soapy water and dry. Prepare the piping bag, cut to allow the nozzle to pop out 1-2mm, then insert the nozzle into the bag.
2. Put the buttercream in a bag. Buttercream must be firm, room temperature, not too soft.
3. Place the nozzle to the cupcake/cake base, while squeezing gently, lift nozzle.
4. Clean the end of the nozzle.
5. Use a leaf nozzle to fill in gaps--this will complement the overall effect.
6. If the buttercream is too soft the buds will be closed. Pop in the fridge, if necessary.
7. After use, wash in hot soap water and dry.

Before and after using, Please wash the nozzles, bags, coupler and flower nails, put them in hot water for a minute or more.

Being a kitchen equipment, this product is non-returnable due to its hygiene requirement.